PLISI FILM is a full service color grading, mastering and finishing company. We offer a modern and well-equipped Color Grading Suite capable of 4K 60P in real time. Our suite is equipped with a special adjustable light for the most diverse and demanding mastering requirements.


A SONY BVM X300/2 Class 1 HDR Reference Monitor provides the best possible control for high-end results up to 4K and beyond.


We work natively in all industry standard color spaces such as Rec.709, DCI-P3, Rec.2020 Wide Gamut and we work with all camera RAW and highly compressed codecs. Our mission is to keep the highest quality throughout the postproduction process and deliver best possible master.

Whether for theatrical release, television or web, we offer years of experience in handling sophisticated new digital formats and workflows, as well as a deep understanding of color science. Our customers always benefit from this unique knowledge, be it in pre-production, production or during color grading.

Regardless of the camera used, from RAW to highly compressed or both, we always offer a suitable and cost-effective workflow.


Native Grading in Rec.709, DCI-P3, Rec.2020  Wide Gamut  <<


Creative Color Design for Film and Documentary  <<


Beauty grade for Commercial  <<


Short Film, Music Video, Image Trailer  <<


HDR Mastering in Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR 10+, HLG  <<


Stereo 3D color grading  <<

>>  Color grading for Virtual Reality and 360° video


>>  DCP Mastering


>>  Technical Color Correction


>>  Dailies and Proxy Export


>>  Screen Demo Content - Grading


and much more...


Plisi Film is an early adopter of HDR, one of our international projects was mastering the content for the SONY HDR TV demo clip which was displayed worldwide, showing the beauty of HDR on SONY TV. Since than we have grown and developed our skills much further and co-produced hours of HDR content.

We now offer complete support for all HDR standards, starting with Dolby Vision for theatrical releases and UHD Blurays down to HDR 10, HDR 10+ and HLG.


Our Stereo 3D Expertise does not only lie in producing Stereo 3D content. Our suite is equipped with a high class passive Stereo 3D OLED TV for a real time review of the 3D content which is crucial for color judgment.

Beside creative color grading and matching left and right eye in a Stereo 3D project, we are so proud to offer a high expertise in adjusting convergence, depth, fixing miss-matched scaling, repairing geometry and much more.


Virtual Reality and 360° is nothing new to us. We started producing 360°  virtual reality content back in 2001 and continued to enhance our skills with every new technology which advanced VR to today's standards.


No matter how your 360° video is produced, as a one camera shot, two camera shots or a combination of more cameras in 2D flat or Stereo 3D we offer the best color correction workflow to meet your production needs. Be part of the process by monitoring your film in real-time with a VR headset for a full VR experience during a color grading session.


A huge advantage when color grading for cinema is working natively in P3 color space and in 12 Bit color depth. In this workflow we deliver a DCP master directly from the native color timeline so no unnecessary color space conversion must be done.

Digital Cinema Package - DCP is the standard for theatre releases. After the project is finished we can deliver your master on DCP for film festivals and theatre releases. Whether it is open or KDM coded its up to the project requirements and we can meet all your demands.


Each project has its own complexity and challenges, which we at PLISI FILM professionally address with top equipment and the highest standards. Our main editing programs are Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve and Avid. For VFX we use BMD Fusion and Adobe After Effects.

In addition to editing, we also handle editorial tasks.



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